Welcome to your SOC Maturity

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Do you use external employees /contractors in your SOC?
Does the SOC have a formal charter document in place?
Is there a reserved budget for education and training?
Is skill assessment regularly updated with new skills?
Is there a governance process in place?
Have you identified the SOC customers?
Do you measure employee satisfaction for improving the SOC?
Do you have service level agreements with these customers?
Do you have a satisfactory physical SOC location?
Is there a SOC management process in place?
Which of the following roles are present in your SOC?
Do you use documented workflows?
Is the SOC charter document approved by the business / CISO?
Do you formally differentiate roles within the SOC?
Do you have regular workshops for knowledge development?
Do you have a formally described shift turnover procedure?
Do you have a career progression process in place?
Do you have a training program in place?
Do you perform regular teambuilding exercises?
Have you identified the main business drivers?