Building SOC & IR

What is a SOC, and do you really need one?

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a facility where security analysts utilize forensic tools and threat intelligence to hunt, investigate and respond to cyber threats in real-time.

Equipped with advanced tools and expertise, a SOC protects an organization from known and unknown threats that can bypass traditional security technologies. So in short, yes—you need a SOC to adequately protect against any and all cyber threats.

Are you ready for an in-house Security Operations Center?

If you’re thinking about building an internal SOC, start by asking these critical questions:
  1. Is there budget allocated on an annual basis?
  2. Can you support a 24x7 in-house operation?
  3. Do you have enough staff to build a SOC team?
  4. Do they have the necessary knowledge and skills?
  5. Who will design the physical SOC site?
  6. Who will document SOC processes and procedures?
  7. Who will develop a training program?
  8. How will you interpret and deliver threat intelligence insights?
  9. How will you demonstrate value to the executive team and board of directors?

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