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CSIRT – Quick Guide & Overview
Incident Response – Quick Overview by Elazar Biro

NIST defines an incident as a violation of cybersecurity policies or standard security practices, such as the use of a botnet to send massive traffic to cause a denial of service, obtaining sensitive data to demand a ransom to return it, or tricking users to open phishing emails to spread malware. Currently, there are numerous […]

BIG DATA – Machine learning & artificial intellegence
How to Become (and Remain) a Malware Researcher

The Two Most Important Ingredients My take is that there are two most important ingredients to becoming a malware researcher: 1. Obsessive Passion to learn “how things work” no matter the time commitment and effort required; aka insatiable curiosity. 2. Ability to enjoy working at a solitary job where much of it is between you and the code The […]

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