vCISO (Virtual CISO)


So What is This vCISO Service?

We think that every company should have her own “Cyber Suite” and part of this is to find the best
security solution for your organization environment.
Has an auditor identified that your organization needs a CISO due to data sensitivity, but you don’t feel
you are big enough to warrant such an investment? That is where a virtual CISO (vCISO) comes in.
A vCISO works with your IT staff to get security programs off the ground and ingrained in the environment.
A vCISO also sits in on most IT meetings to determine how security might be impacted
*before* the new product or software is implemented.

The importance of a watchful security eye on projects prior to implementation simply cannot be overstated
like Many different services in our company also here you will get Training courses for the managers &
IT/Security staff.