Preparing organizations for A Cyber attack

Are you ready for a cyber breach? 

What about your CEO and management, Do’es they know what to expect and what do in real time? 

One of the biggest challenges companies, organizations and governments are facing today is the ability to handle a real time cyber attack and cyber breach.

The ability to illustrate and simulate an event and to prepare for it is not trivial and companies find it hard to prepare for this kind of event.

our cyber security leaders will prepare your company to handle cyber attack in case of a real event.


The goal of the tabletop exercise is to improve both your crisis plan and the functioning of your response team thereby strengthening your organization’s immunity to crisis. When a crisis strikes, and it most assuredly will at some point, your crisis plan and crisis response team will be as prepared as they possibly can be and able to act in as effective a way as possible.

Other forms of exercises exist, ranging from simple drills to more elaborate full-scale exercises, but the tabletop exercise provides the most efficient and cost-effective way to test and improve your organization’s crisis preparedness.

Insights from TTX

The results of tabletop simulation are:

  • Better handling of cyber events
  • Increase in management awareness
  • New and improved procedures
  • New budget allocations