Cyber Security Assessment

The cybersecurity maturity model provides a path forward and enables your organization to periodically assess where they are along that path. This can be a valuable tool not only for improving your cybersecurity efforts but also for communicating with upper management and getting the support you need.

The assessment provides the flexibility to evaluate the level of cyber maturity at a company level. It helps to identify industry best practices within an organization. Allowing you and your business to navigate the cybersecurity landscape and focus on achieving business aspirations.



NIST CSF, C2M2 and much more…

Our maturity assessment developed and based on several models and frameworks that provide a comprehensive approach. On Top of that, we bring our own experience and also an application with a unique algorithm that covers all the cybersecurity assessment areas.

Why we need it?

Great service to consider when you’re unsure of your Security posture or when you are looking for a general starting point.A general security assessment can be on-site or off-site depending on what specifics are needed. At the very least, a general security assessment includes an analysis of:

– SOC procedures

– SOC Process & Methodologies

– SOC Roles skills evaluation

– Analysis of standard desktop and server implementations

– Compliance Standards

– Other basic security

-related items regarding an environment.

Additional security needs can be added to a general security assessment in order to focus on areas of concern or to meet certain compliance requirements

Experience | Relevance | Actionable

Furthermore, you will get recommendations for improvement in a clear action plan which will enable you to prioritize improvements to your security strategy so you can maximize the outcome of your investments into cybersecurity.