Elazar Biro

Co-Founder & CEO

Ami Tsarfati
Co-Founder & CTO

Our story start at the beginning of 2018

The company specializes in a variety of information and cyber security activities in Israel and around the world The company has 2 main divisions:

Training Division:

* Training courses in a variety of subjects in the cyber field
* Tailor Made Boot Camps training
* Awareness lectures and cyber exercises for executives


Consulting Division:

* Information and cyber security consulting
*Establishment of Security operation centers worldwide
*Accompanying start-up companies in the cyber field


Our Core Values are the cornerstones of our corporate culture and define the professional behavior we expect from our people.

  • Detect

Detect our Customer real needs and give them the best tailor-made solution for those needs.

  • Protect

Improve cyber security building blocks by train your people, implement & develop top quality technologies & processes. 

  • Response

Provide fast & dedicated solutions to help you to respond cyber security incident in all levels with NIST & MITRE approach.

  • Excellence

Setting the standard in service delivery, through a commitment to excellence, innovation, ongoing learning and continuous improvement.

  • Innovation

Developing creative solutions and customer-centric approaches to real cybersecurity challenges.

  • Customer satisfaction & Trust

Understanding what is expected of us and ensuring that we have the resources to meet and exceed that expectation

  • Collaboration

Valuing every person at Approach and combining their strengths to create something unique.